According to this blog…

I have not posted for 9 months. According to this blog.

 Truth be told I have kept up to date. I have written of my first Aspie meet. My reintroduction working with the Asperger’s and ADHD team. I have introduced members of the Thompson clan, shared my aspiration to be a dog behaviourist. I have shared moments of joy, even moments of ugliness.

So where are they all?

I deleted them.

That’s what I do. I work to get where I want to be. I push myself out my comfort zones, work on my passions, look to the future, enjoy the present. I become a walking ‘positive thoughts creates a positive life’ advertisement. That is until the inevitable day comes. The return of the big bad… depression.

My battle with depression is one I’ve fought for nearly 12 years and it wouldn’t be correct to say I have ever recovered, but more on that later. 

My point is, when the black dog rears its ugly head…whether it be for two days or two months… Once it does, I’m done. Down and out. 

I delete the good I have worked for. Literally and metaphorically.

I don’t have the energy for this anymore. I don’t have the time.

I am going to keep at this journey, I will work FOR the good as I work THROUGH the bad whilst sharing all those moments between.

According to this blog I gave up on it months ago, I did not.

We are in serious need of a catch up!



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