The Funny In The Serious

I read once that you need to find laughter within the seriousness of your serious and I try my best to live by this. 

 As I research other books, blogs, articles written by people with Autism, or about Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome I am finding there is some reluctance in writing and sharing the funny side of it all. There really IS a funny side.

There is a popular site that seems to believe life as an Aspie is nothing but serious. A serious and devastating diagnosis for anyone who is so. True it can be, true it is at times. But that’s another conversation for a different time.

What’s so funny?

Taking things literally.

I won’t get into the science behind why we on the Autism Spectrum take things so literal, but it’s a very real trait and it can be hilarious providing you have the ability to laugh at yourself. 

After all, what’s more human than doing or saying something stupid, ridiculous, embarrassing? It’s something every single person can relate to, looking back on something you’ve done or said and laughing, years after the action has taken place.

So I’m going to make ‘Taking Things Literally’ a regular feature on this blog. When I post these, you can expect stories such as this one…

Aged 20 I walked into the kitchen at the family home and asked my mom if she would like help making lunch..

‘Yes please, butter the bread’, she told me.

So I did. 

The whole of the two loaves that were on the kitchen counter. Since the day of the two loaves of bread, my mom now makes sure to state how many slices she wishes for me to butter exactly. 

Sometimes my dad forgets…


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