A Year Ago Today 

February 17th of 2016. 

Do you want to know what the most difficult thing for me to live with is, as a 26 year old who literally skipped her entire teenage years and early twenties? 

Experiencing those important life lessons and milestones as a ‘grown up’. 

I’m not even talking about the biggies. The first love, first job, first night out in town, first house party, decisions over university or college. No, I mean the experiences and discoveries you make as a 13 year old. 

I’m talking the first crush, first group of girl friends you get close enough too to call sisters, those first sparks of an idea of what you wish to be when you grow up. Imagine going through all that at 25, 26. 

A year ago today will always be known as the day I learnt it’s not just your family and lovers who have the ability to break your heart. Friends have that gift too. 

The story of February 17th 2016 isn’t one I’m quite ready to share yet… so why am I posting this? 

I started this blog a week before the event, it was never meant to be read by anyone. I just needed something for me to do to try keep up with my mind, to find peace within it. Now? This blog is a tool. 

A tool to aide me in writing a book. My story. This plan to document my journey into joining the world of humans? I’m now doing a little differently, what you’ll find in this blog are pieces of a puzzle I’m putting together. I keep my promise to be honest and unfiltered, I just have to keep some of those puzzle pieces to myself until the time comes to put them all together. 

The piece that is February 17th of 2016 may be for my eyes only for the time being, but I can tell you that despite being completely mind fucked by the experience, when I look back it is all becoming clear as to not only why it had to happen, but that I’m grateful it did. It was an important life lesson. 

This is the part where I apologize for the secrecy. If you stick around the day will come where you’ll learn what set this new chapter of my life in motion, a year ago today. 


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